7Deadly Zens


(Français plus bas) 1998 was really a fun year.  I had the great opportunity of following the making of 7Deadly Zens from the very beginning to its release date.  Although the site kept growing and brought more responsibilities, I still was a huge fan of Tommy’s music so I was having a lot of fun…

Trailor for season 2 or Narcos… very cool! / Bande annonce de la deuxième saison de Narcos


(Français plus bas) Check out the trailor for season 2 of Narcos on Netflix.  Very cool song they used! Voyez la bande annonce de la deuxième saison de Narcos sur Netflix.  Très bon choix musical ! 3112

Entry pages / pages d’entrée


Here is a look back at what the web site looked like from 1996 to today. Voici un aperçu des différentes pages couvertures du site web depuis 1996.   2201

Tommy speaks French / Tommy parle en français


(Français plus bas) On November 30th, 1998, Tommy declared that the web site was his official one. He was really getting involved with the web site.  It was amazing to me that he was willing to do so much for it to be popular and I was truly grateful for that.  And so the Internet…

Tommy’s notes / Les notes de Tommy


(Français plus bas) And so Tommy started sending notes that I would translate into French and post on his website.  It didn’t take very long before I started getting e-mails from his English speking fans wanting to know what he was writing about.  At first, I would send the original text in an e-mail but…

The first look / Le premier “look”


(Français plus bas) When I offered Tommy, back in June 1996, to do a French web page on him, on top of not knowing how to do a web page, I didn’t even have Internet access at home, so needless to say, I was starting from scratch! Despite all of the obstacles, I was determined…

20 years ago! / 20 ans déjà !

How about a French webpage?  / Et pourquoi pas une page Web en français ?

(Français plus bas) It was 20 years ago when I first met my musical hero Tommy Shaw.  During the Styx’ reunion tour in 1996, a DJ from Montreal’s radio station CHOM-FM helped me make my dream come true.  The meeting happened in Quebec City in 1996. I was excited to finally be able to tell…

Un bon souvenir / A great memory

Photo: Robert Muller

Hello Friends, This show, entitled “Sing For The Day,” took place two nights after the 10 year anniversary of our STYX and CYO “One With Everything.”   This solo concert was a mind blowing, life affirming opportunity to share a sampling of my music so far with the magnificent group of young musicians and singers…

Get your tickets for the show… / Procurez-vous des billets pour cet été…


Si vous avez manqué le spectacle en solo de Tommy avec l’orchestre symphonique CYO de Cleveland, vous pourrez toujours vous reprendre pour le voir avec STYX.  Consultez l’horaire des spectacles à venir ici. If you missed Tommy’s solo show with the CYO, you can still see him this summer with Styx.  Check out the schedule…

Tommy live


Tommy offrira un spectacle en solo avec l’orchestre symphonique “Comptemporary Youth Orchertra” de Cleveland, Ohio, le 27 mai prochain.  Le concert, dans lequel on pourra entendre des chansons choisies de son répertoire solo, de Damn Yankees, de Shaw-Blades et évidemment de Styx, s’intitule “Sing For The Day”.  Vous pouvez vous procurer des billets ici. Tommy…