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Here I am seated aboard one of the tractors at my old place, Tranquility Base Farms back around 1983.  Notice the photographer had been lifted up in the tractor's front bucket to get the shot, not to mention the leather pants--the latest in farming regalia back then <:-P - TS

Remember 1984?  - TS

From the photo shoot for the 1996 STYX RTP Tour... - TS

Stopped into a church I passed along the way... - TS (December 1998)

This was more taken at my horse farm. - TS

I believe this shot was at a final mix playback session, possibly "Pieces of Eight".

Linda Blair (left) and her room mate, whose name I cannot recall, came to see us in Los Angeles. - TS

I love this photo from the files of photographer Phil Earenfight.  I'd say 1981 for sure. Johnny was never stronger than on this tour.  Look at the massive kit.  It was a beast for that era. - TS

The rainbow was just perfect to cap off the day after having the Waters sing on my record.  What a day! - TS
(April 1998)

Michael Cartellone took this photo of me in his window sill at the hotel in Charlotte, NC. - TS (December 1998)

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